AGRIPAK International is a well renowned name in the World's of Agriculture Sector.

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A Reliable name in the World of Agriculture
WARNING: All our Customers are warned against the Duplicate Companies that have similar name of AGRIPAK, and listed similar products, designs and words on their websites, are fake. The only Company AGRIPAK INTERNATIONAL, which is genuine and original, request to customers to understand well with this, and be aware with all these duplicate fake companies, its website, accounts and emails. For More details, Please write E-Mail at or by WhatsApp +923333978282

Agricultural Farm Tractor Exporters and Agricultural Farm Implements Manufactures


Agripak International is the company that offers a wide choice of Agricultural Machinery to meet the Farming Machinery requirements of every low & medium sized income Farmers Community.

Whether you are a Farmer or a Dealer, you will find the best quality and Cost Effective Equipment to satisfy your needs. We offer also the Complete Solution starts from Soil Preparation to Seed Drilling Equipments, Spraying, Fertilizer, Reaping and Threshing to Haulage Equipments.

The AGRIPAK is renowned the Best Source for Pakistan Tractors & New Holland Tractors, FIAT Tractor John Deere Tractors. We closely work with our partners and give complete focus to your particular demands regardless with quantity requirements.

The AGRIPAK Trademark is also renowned for its Best Source Spare Parts. We have in-line problem solution system to suits your timely problem rectification with in 24hrs, and right after, the Parts Needed to be shipped timely. We arenot a manufacture and authorized dealers of MF Tractors. Infact, we have a huge and large stocks available of Quality MF Tractors all the time for ready shipments as comparable with other suppliers.

Massey Ferguson Tractors
MF 240 (2wd, 50hp) Tractor MF 260 (2wd, 60hp) Tractor MF 350 (2wd, 50hp) Tractor
MF 375 (2wd, 75hp) Tractor MF 385 (2wd, 85hp) Tractor MF 385 (4wd, 85hp) Tractor
MF 290 (2wd, 90hp) Tractor MF 265 (2wd, 65hp) Tractor MF 590 (2wd, 90hp) Tractor
New Holland (FIAT) Tractors
NH (Fiat) 480 (2wd, 55hp) Tractor NH (Fiat) 640 (2wd, 75hp) Tractor NH 640 S (2wd, 85hp) Tractor
NH 55-56 (2wd, 55hp) Tractor NH 60-56 (2wd, 60hp) Tractor Fiat-Ghazi (2wd, 65hp) Tractor
NH 304 (2wd & 4wd,
30-35hp) Tractor
NH TD95s (2wd & 4wd, 105hp) Tractor  

Agriculture Implements Manufactures and Exports
Agriculture Implements Manufactures and Exports
Agriculture Implements Manufactures and Exports
Agriculture Implements Manufactures and Exports